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WebHookMarketing (WebHook Online Marketing, LLC.) is a New Jersey based nationwide lead provider for automobile dealerships. We offer turn key operations for dealerships of any size looking to increase their sales volume targeting customers acquiring "Special Financing." Our complete system includes your own Exclusive Domain Name, Special Finance Lead Website, Online Application Form, Control Panel with your own username & password, and managed Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Ad Campaigns. We use proven modern marketing techniques and strategies to bring traffic to your website instantly with fresh leads that convert to sales.

"Special finance in our dealerships is a profit center."

Special finance in our dealerships is a profit center. In most cases, in order to get prospects we must send out mailers, or go through third party lead providers. These avenues are very expensive and often less likely to convert to a sale. Understanding this, we developed a turn key operation that allows you to have your own presence on the internet, appearing as a third party company specializing in Bad Credit Auto Financing.

"The internet and the automobile business with no doubt have a relationship."

In an age that revolves around technology, it is important to utilize the internet as much as possible when marketing a product or service. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) we believe in time will be a part of every dealers advertising as they do now with radio, newspapers, and television. There are a lot of people within a half hour of your dealership that have bad credit, no credit, or just middle of the road credit. These people need a vehicle and even though they may drive pass your dealership everyday they still follow the patterns of the 21st century buyer. With well over a billion world wide internet users, search engines receive billions of queries each day. The likelihood of your customers and future prospects using the internet for their shopping needs is high. The internet and the automobile industry with no doubt have a relationship.

When an internet user wants to find a website or research a topic they use a Search Engine. When trying to reach out to your customers you must put yourself in their shoes and ask "What would I type in my search to acquire automobile special financing." If you have negative credit, bad credit, or no credit and you are trying to obtain a car loan or vehicle, you more than likely will use similar keywords and perhaps the name of the state you reside in. For example: bad credit car loans new jersey or just poor credit auto loans. Whatever keywords you use as a shopper, once you land on a search page which ad do you click on and what application do you fill out? Unfortunately, no one knows but one thing is for sure: some will click on ours, some will click on theirs, but if you are not on there, they won't click on yours!

"...we think of domain names like real estate"

Domain Names are extremely important. They reflect your company and must contain relative keywords. With over 486,000 .com names registered everyday there is quite a bit of competition for a quality domain. At WebHookMarketing, we think of Domain Names like real estate and we believe we have some of the finest real estate in this sector of the automobile industry. View our Domain Names.


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